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Whether you’re common folk, a princess from a foreign country, a baker’s son, or practically anything, the place you want to be is Bellman’s High. The private school features a high-class education, gourmet food, and well-organized teachers. At least, that’s what it said on the pamphlet. Bellman’s high, to begin with, is pretty nice. Just how it was explained in the pamphlet. But, the school isn’t calm. It’s pure chaos. Drama everywhere, magical girls leaping from building to building, Human-animal hybrids, it’s crazy. And you’re just one of these people, looking for a quiet and normal life. Or, maybe YOU’RE the ringleader of the craziness… And there's the rival school, Santiago's School for the Gifted. Brawls between schools will occur. Chaos, shipping, love triangles, drama, it's all here. Welcome to Bellman High.

Rules Edit

  • Limit of 5 characters per person, please!
  • No Godmodding
  • No Mary Sues/Gary Sues/OP Characters
  • Saves last three days
  • LGBTQIA+ Is all approved!
  • Ship. Everyone. Everywhere. I mean it. 
  • Seriously. 

Chat Rules Edit

No cursing, please

Spam whatever you want, just nothing demeaning or bullying or rude or anything like that

Respect each other's beliefs

Don't be a jerk. Seriously.

No X-Rated Content

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